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Join us in the Community! Make good friends. Share ideas. Get unstuck. Grow your impact - together.

Hi, friend. Welcome. 

The We Are For Good Community is a place to celebrate the power of philanthropy, and equip this generation of nonprofit and social-good leaders with the mindsets, tools and innovative ideas to make a bigger impact than any of us could ever dream to accomplish on our own. 

You can think of the community as the "after party" of the We Are for Good Podcast, a safe place to discuss, collaborate, and innovate together.

Come join the party! 🎉  Inside you will find:

1. Community

Meet, connect and be inspired by colleagues in your same area and around the world! We share ideas, celebrate milestones, and work through where you feel "stuck" in your current projects. The term "networking" sounds so corporate and formal, but we're here to make a ton of new friends. Connect with other executive directors, consultants, philanthropists, young professionals, students, and development officers through specialty groups, events, live Q&A's and more.  

2. Resources

We have curated topics and tools to help you get started whether you are just diving into the world of development or find yourself as a seasoned pro. Expect to find helpful blog posts, FREEBIES (think worksheets, guides and toolkits), exclusives from the We Are For Good Podcast Interviews, and so much more to help you do more for your mission. Most importantly, we can't wait for the wisdom and expertise you have to share with the community. Don't be shy!

3. A Safe, Encouraging, and FUN Place to Learn and Grow

We don't take ourselves too seriously, and we hope you don't either! We're a community of movers and shakers, and we know that our work is more meaningful and powerful when we do it with community. Everyone is welcome at our table, and we're excited to do more good, together.

You can explore We Are For Good's Core Beliefs to learn more about our hearts behind this community.

We can't wait to meet you inside. 🤩